Community Involvement

Somerset is a church family that belives the best way to a touch a persons heart is to be a part of their lives. 

How often do you drive past a church on the side of the road, with little acknowledgement that it's there? We have asked ourselves in leadership meetings, "If our church shut our doors tomorrow would anyone notice?" Using this question as our guide, we continue to seek out ways to have an active roll in the neighborhood in which our church lives. Our Community Involvement includeds providing ways for the community to join us in activities and events on our property as well as partnering with other community involved agencies to provide services out in the communities.

Community Garden

One of our exciting ways to be a part of our community has been to open our property to a large community garden that is mostly occupided with people and families from  outside our church family. The garden has been such a sucess that we were able to expand the garden to provide additional  plots for people to rent for trying thier hands at growing lots of vegetables and flowers. As part of the agreement that each gardner signs when they commite to a plot is that a protion of what the produce will be given to the local food bank, and we were honored this last years as one of their top providers from our little garden plots on the side of the road.


The Saturday before Easter you will find a team of workers gathering in the back field behind the church building. With a pot full of coffee and usually a box or two of donuts they begin the process of marking out designated fields, posting signs, preparing prize claim areas, setting up activity tables, and spreading lots and lots of candy across the fields. We prepare for the kids, we love opening up our property to a morning of smiles and fun at our annual community egg hunt. You can expect to see the Easter Bunny at the end of the driveway waving close to a 100 children and their families that come to spend this Saturday with us. 


Love INC

Northwest Childrens Outreach