Somerset maintains a strong commitment to supporting missions both locally and internationally. We yearly dedicate a month of sermons to mission awareness and ask for commitments from the congregation to support various missionaries and organizations. Somerset has a volunteer team of people who share a heart for missions that manage and distribute the funds collected on behalf of the church to the following organizations:

*  Circuit Riders Ministry - Cindi Elerick-Real

*  Emmanuel Christian Seminary

*  Ethnos360 - Tom & Beth Carlton - Mexico

Ethnos360 - Rob & Dawn Orwiler - Thailand 

*  Northwest Christian Evangelistic Association - Sean Thome'

*  Oregon Christian Convention

*  Oregon Latin-American Evangelism

*  Pioneer Bible Translators - Julie Germain - San Diego, CA

*  WiNeMa Christian Camp

*  YoungLife at Boise State University - Luke Hellwege