Yard Warriors

Yard Warriors is dedicated to enriching the lives of the community around us.  They help community members who are elderly, disabled, or just not able to get out and keep up with things around the Yard. No yard is to big for this group of Warriors.  They will gladly jump in and help with anything from pulling weeds to pulling down an old unsafe deck.  They have even gone out and planted trees in an orchard to help a farmer that just couldn't do it himself.

Bob & Ilene

Bob & Ilene have been a beloved pair that have served in the ministry  and the community for over 40 years.  Due to limitations brought on by age and health issues, management of their property had taken a back seat in their lives. As a result the old decking around their home had become deteriorated and was in need of removal, as well as debris and vegetation that had collected around the house and yard. 

The YW's came to the aid of this special couple and removed two decks and a substantial amount of over grown vegetation from around the house, cleaned moss of the roof, trimmed shrubs, cleaned out flower beds and spread mulch. Even though Bob could not assist with the heavy lifting, he was more than willing to drive the tractor and help with hauling the debris out to a burn pile.

Sad to say we lost Bob this past year, but his contributions to the ministry will live on  in the heart and memories of those who knew him.

Karen & Myrna

Karen is a wheel chair bound woman who is dependent on her mother Myrna and medical caretakers to meet her physical needs. The home they share and where Karen spends the bulk of her time has a yard guy who comes in to mow the lawn and do very minor yard work. 

The Yard Warriors chose to put in a couple of Saturdays doing the things that seem to never get done, stump and junk removal, tree trimming and the cleaning and planting of flower beds and spreading of weed killer and mulch.



Janiece has multiple degrees, she is a registered nurse, and has the smarts to take the world by storm, but thanks to the careless hands of a surgeon, a routine procedure changed the course of her life. She is  now disabled and can only stand 10 or 15 minutes at time, as well as other complications. Her home is her sanctuary, but she can't manage her yard.

YW's swooped in over several weekends and removed all the over grown weeds in her front and back yards and put down a time released weed blocker that will assist in the long term management of the yard.